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"Suzanne Bank's technique of Feng Shui and energy work has given me greater freedom of movement in my small apartment and has opened up energy in my writing that I never expected. I have a lot more living space now, and everyone who walks into my apartment thinks I bought new furniture."
Huguette Anhalt

"Suzanne has a very special gift for combining the sensitivity of the artist and the designer, with the power of the Feng Shui master. She applies her unique skills, reorganizing the physical structure of people's surroundings and reinfusing the life force into their personal and professional lives."
Bettye B. Binder

"I followed Suzanne Bank's suggestions and within 48 hours I was offered two major writing projects."
Ruth Deutcsh

"Your design abilities and spiritual connections create the absolutely correct placement of furnishings for a harmonious environment. Each time I have worked with you, there has been a change in energy, and each time I have gotten results."
Glenda Ganis
Screenwriter /Production Designer

"Suzanne Bank's service goes beyond Feng Shui. She gave 100% attention and did not leave until she had done everything she could do to help me move to a higher level. No wonder clients keep her as a friend!"
Marta Monahan
Author The Courage To Be Brilliant