Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Designer in Los Angeles Suzanne Bank creates eco-friendly environments that are innovative, calming and beautiful for clients of all ages and living situations. From the nursery to the vacation home and everything in between.

Her goal as a designer is to enhance and reflect the client’s lifestyle. From concept to completion she has created traditional, modern, contemporary and eclectic living spaces for her many clients.

“I interpret my client’s wish list and then together we create the desired look,” Suzanne says. “I focus on existing architectural elements or create them, and explore the use of color in the environment using the subconscious response to color.  Adhering to the principle that form follows function, I define room function, furniture placement and evaluate problem areas.  My design process starts with a concept and ends with an exciting livable space complete with a natural flow of positive energy.”

In residential interior design whether remodeling a kitchen or bath, updating or furnishing a small apartment, condo or mansion, or building a new home, it is necessary to take the proper steps. To achieve the best results, one must look at all aspects of design and the budget in the beginning of the decorating process. This approach makes for a less stressful and more enjoyable project.

With today's hectic life and the world condition as it is, it is more important than ever that ones environment be a place to renew, refresh and rejuvenate …a sanctuary.  Your retreat should support and ground you, and it should look as if you live there…not as if you were simply a visitor or guest.