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"After recently getting married and moving into my husband's condo, we decided to sell his place and buy a home that would be ours. We received two offers immediately, which we didn't accept. Then the activity and offers stopped. Instead of lowering our price, we called in Suzanne Bank to redecorate the condo. Within a couple of days, we accepted an offer that was $10,000.00 more than the last offer."
Paula and Art Edelman

"Suzanne Bank's make-over certainly got the results we were looking for! Our home sold at brokers open for more than the asking price. Actually, we enjoyed our home so much after she made the changes, we didn't want to move!"
Hope Holiday
H & H Entertainment

"Since Suzanne came to our home and rearranged my office I have two million dollars of properties in escrow that will close in one month. I know this is happening because of Suzanne. Everything she did in my home makes sense and it really looks good too. 
Bonnie Hutchings
Coldwell Banker

"We have not had an easy time marketing our home. Suzanne Bank diagnosed the problem areas using Feng Shui and indeed helped to bring about a most expeditious sale of the property. We received three offers within five days of her consultation!"
Claire Griffith
Prudential Jon Douglas Realtors