Office Interior Design

Los Angeles office interior designer Suzanne Bank understands the relationship between her clients and their employees, and how it can impact the work environment.  After consulting with the client, she gets input from the employees, involving them in the process.  Her experience has shown that such input leads to an improved work space and often results in unexpected improvements in attitude, productivity, teamwork and attendance. Finding out what is missing or what can be improved in the work environment from the employees prospective is an integral part of the process.  Often, a minor change can make a major difference.

Office environments define relationships and the ways people interact with one another, whether between employees, management and employees or employees and customers.

Suzanne has designed commercial environments for clothing and furniture stores and showrooms, accounting, legal, medical/healing offices, recording studios, as well as various other wholesale and retail spaces. She presents her client’s business as one that is substantial, successful, efficient and competent. Clients repot the work leads to more business and increased income.

As a full service provider, Suzanne is available for and has experience in small and large projects. The scope of her work has included working closely with architects and contractors on new construction and build-outs, providing furniture layouts, specifying furniture and materials, purchasing and installation. The color consultation and coordination aspect of her work focuses on the subconscious response to color. She uses an ergonomic approach to seating and workstations.