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"Suzanne, your beautiful work is nothing less than miraculous. Your gift for total balance of theme, space and color is extraordinary."
Milt Bernhart
Big Band Academy of America

"Following your advice, I planted flowers, a birch tree, and painted my front door 'forest green'. My clients and friends now say the energy from my home and studio beckons and invites visitors to come into a place of warmth and openness. I am still amazed that you were able to create a living room for me out of a blank space...and it feels so complete. Since I have seen you, I have been branching out, creating new avenues for my music and expanding my fan base."
John Dickson

"The time I spent with Suzanne Bank made a huge difference in the energy and appearance of my home. Her knowledge, experience and insight of both design and Feng Shui is an unbeatable combination."
Jai JosephsSongwriter/Record Producer

"Since Suzanne worked on my studio space there has been a pronounced difference in the way my clients perceive me and my music. Everyone is now communicating with me in a much more connected way. I've also noticed a HUGE shift in my creativity."
Don Peake
Composer/Record Producer

"Suzanne, I can't thank you enough for creating an environment for my wife and me that feels and looks right. You have a great gift for understanding your client's needs. You've taken a projection of our environment and placed it in reality. We cannot wait to open up our front door to experience our home as you have set it up for us."
Jimmy Stewart
Apophis Music

"You were able to make my home a better version of me than I was ever able to do! In addition, you saved me a thousand dollars when you told me not to replace that piece of furniture. You were right...what I had works. Now it looks wonderful."
Judy Mass
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra