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Here's what Community Leaders are saying ...

"Suzanne is a miracle worker! She transformed a small, dark, crowded space into a beautiful open and comfortable office that is fully functioning and a pleasure to work in. She strategically placed the available office furniture, which is in a very limited area, so that visitors feel welcome. Without her keen eye and great sense of style and design, this would not have presented the right image for a presidential candidate. We are forever grateful for her work and feel that we are off to a fresh and capable start."
Kucinich for President Committee
Southern California

"As the commander of a complex and challenging environment, Suzanne Bank created a space for me that opened communication and energy with community leaders and police officers as well. Her work speaks for itself."
John Mutz
Former Police Captain
LAPD Wilshire Division

"Suzanne, my office is working out great, and it looks awesome. Thank you very much for everything you did. I really appreciate it. I'll be in touch with you when the need arises."
Mark Dengler
Executive Director
Hollywood Wilshire YMCA

"Suzanne, I find it so much easier to work in my studio and I don't want to leave the space. The energy is so much better and your work has improved my vitality. The morning following your visit I received a letter from the Natural History Museum in Israel offering me a permanent home for my exhibit."
Gayle Gale
Kids for Peace

"Working with the hardship of old furniture, Suzanne Bank spent hours rearranging the furniture in my Kindergarten class room at Saturn Street School. She was able to create a more visually pleasing environment in the K-4 classroom. The children were totally amazed and the general consensus was that they like the room better than before. They requested that we not change it again. The classroom is used daily by Sixty-four students and four adult teachers. The teachers observed better organization of classroom materials, workspaces better defined, and renewed interest and more creative interaction by the students. I feel her services would be especially beneficial to teachers setting up new classrooms. Teachers could benefit by new floor plans that optimize the space by providing more thoughtful arrangements. Considering all the barriers that teachers deal with on a daily basis, having a positive energy flow would definitely have an effect on the educational environment."
Pat Karasick
Saturn Street School