Feng Shui Interior Design

Los Angeles based Feng Shui interior designer Suzanne Bank is a published interior designer with many years of experience designing homes, commercial spaces and office interiors. Her scope of design work includes remodeling and new construction projects, from single rooms to entire homes, staging, model homes, Showcase Houses and real estate development.

Suzanne evaluates her clients’ needs and excels in interpreting their desires. During each step of the design process she explains her ideas and concepts in easy to understand terms.

For the past twenty years, Suzanne’s designs have included the principles of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement. She believes Feng Shui, when combined with the expertise and eye of the designer can transform a home into a haven that will be enjoyed for years. Clients report significant, often profound transformations as a result of working with Suzanne.

Suzanne’s unique Feng Shui consultations bring new energy, along with balance and harmony to existing environments. For the client who wants to keep what they have, she ‘does her magic’ with their existing furnishing and accessories achieving a fresh or totally new look, usually with only minor purchases required.

“When you are ready to make changes in your life, desiring more positive energy, or are looking for new possibilities in your business or personal life look first to making changes in your environment. I will create an environment designed to meet your individual needs.”
Suzanne Bank