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"Suzanne made my home into a little oasis of beauty. All the testimonials I read about her do not do her justice, and I don't think my words can either. You have to experience her work to comprehend it. Her work is magical, and I am grateful."
Layla Alden

"Suzanne Bank's work changed our lives. I was expecting her to tell me how much I should spend for new furniture for our living room. I was wrong! Because of her talent, everything worked out beautifully, without spending any money. I enjoy my home much more than I did before, and I appreciate my home much more, too."
Kimi Cobb

"Moving from a large home into a home half the size had me overwhelmed and confused. With Suzanne Bank's help, much like a petite fairy godmother fireball, our entire house was pulled apart and put back together in a few hours. I would have never believed that our furniture could look this lovely. She took care of every detail. Her energy, creativity, and enthusiasm are a wonderful elixir."
Susan Ferguson
Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau

"I was at once at ease in my home and workspace after Suzanne Bank performed her 'magic'. I could hardly leave the apartment because of the sense of comfort and security I experienced. This was a huge departure for me, as I was always finding reasons not to be home in the past. I began cooking regularly again, and creating the atmosphere that I had always craved with my kids. The shift of energy in our home and most probably in me personally, added a new depth to our encounters. As for work, I felt more committed. As a result I was given a huge project from a new client, who I had only met one week prior to your work here! Life is good!
Thank you, Suzanne, for your help in this process, and starting the ball rolling."
Mindy Lake

"My place looks and feels so much more alive. Suzanne, your work really makes a huge difference. You are definitely doing, what you are supposed to be doing."
Dan Pallotta

"Suzanne Bank is a marvel!  In my most recent move, the challenge was to find a place for all my large pieces of furniture.  Suzanne arranged the rooms in such a way that I was able to use all of my pieces in my new cozy space.  I have twice as much furniture as the previous owners, yet it appears more spacious and inviting.  Suzanne has created a warm and inviting space that draws people in and is perfect for entertaining.  Now that she has assisted me with two homes and I've experienced her special brand of magic, I will never make another move without her guidance."
Robina Royer

"Suzanne Bank's assistance was what we needed to help bring the spiritual balance into our home which had been missing.  Her expertise in the practice of Feng Shui has been a blessing to us.  Our art, which is so central in defining who we are, is now displayed in a way that brings both harmony and excitement into our lives."
Rachelle Mark and Sydney Soffer

"I am still grateful to you Suzanne for opening my eyes regarding what I should do with my home office. I followed all of your suggestions."
June Sapiro

"So much has happened since Suzanne adjusted our home that my wife quipped the other day, 'Turn off the Feng Shui'.  Everything she said would happen has happened, and more.  Sure, we've been working very hard at achieving success, but the results prove that her work has made a lot of difference."
Barrett Sherwood

"It was no accident that Suzanne came into my life when she did. I am going through major changes and it was only appropriate that my apartment needed a change as well. I love my apartment and everything in it. I was pleased to know that I didn't need to get rid of anything, just rearrange what I had to maximize the flow of energy. She has a wonderful gift. Her work creates peace and harmony.  It also allows people to be more productive. Who doesn't desire that! Suzanne's technique is the way of the future."
Karen Shimahara
UCLA Business & Administrative Services