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Here's what the Entertainment Industry is saying ...

"Suzanne, you did a fine job of redesigning the archives room of my home. For the past fifty years this archive has donated memorabilia to the Library of Congress, UCLA, American Film Institute and to many other TV and film collections. "
Syd Cassyd
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

"I love my office! You can perform miracles."
Bruce Corwin
Metropolitan Theatres Corporation

"Suzanne, thank you for all you did for us."
Judith Light and Robert Desiderio

"Thank you for the work, it has been a blessing."
Camille Friend
Make up artist Third Rock From The Sun

"I felt this overwhelming surge of energy when I walked into the showroom that Suzanne Bank had Feng Shui'd for a tenant of mine. Her work made me want to purchase whatever was offered from this new state of mind. She unblocked energy. I immediately hired her for my home, which now gets raves from everyone."
Julie Newmar

"Thank you for helping us make our new house a home. You have an incredible ability to use current furnishings to create a wonderful and harmonious atmosphere. Moving is a challenging time for anyone, and you understood our needs and through your guidance, allowed us to be comfortable in our new home almost immediately. We had no idea that our home could look so 'put-together' with what we own."
Rosalind Nowicki
Vice President
Universal Studios Consumer Products Group

"I thought you'd like to know that not only do I appreciate the work you did with me, I am receiving an unexpected benefit. My 130 lb Rottweiler 'Bram' preferred my sofa or window seat to his enormous custom-made bed. After she repositioned his sleeping area he has slept in his own bed every night. I was even able to get rid of the annoying doggie alarm system. You can add to your list of satisfied customers...one dog and one 'Mistress'."
Cassandra Peterson

"Suzanne Bank's suggestions and placement in my office created a much more functional and comfortable work space...and it's no coincidence that my clients started to work more as well. I should have done this sooner."
Barbara Price
Talent Manager