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"Suzanne Bank's use of Feng Shui brought positive energy to my studio. This has given me a greater sense of awareness of things around me, and has opened up new areas of creativity."
Raul R. Rodriguez
Float Designer
Pasadena Tournament of Roses

"Suzanne works her Feng Shui magic in a flash. She works with what's immediately available. If you listen, believe and follow, the results come swiftly."
Drew Bernstein
President/CEO Lip Service

"You're wonderful!"
Mr. Blackwell
Fashion Designer/Columnist

"Within two days of Suzanne working on my studio, everything that was on the back burner became a reality."
Hanna Hartnell
Fashion Designer

"I have a sense of peace and comfort as a result of her work at my home and studio. I am also finding it easier to flow through life."
Leon Paule
Leon Paule Couture