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"Suzanne, my wonderful success at the salon is a testament to your gift."
Corrine Asch
Hair Stylist

"Your good taste, judgment and hard work have enhanced the impression which our suite has on clients, and increased the pride and satisfaction which we feel in working here. Suzanne's efforts on our behalf were above and beyond what might reasonably have been expected."
Blakely, Sokoloff
Taylor & Zafman
Attorneys At Law

"In a few sessions, you easily perceived what needed re-doing, and your simple make-overs had a dramatic impact on the livability of our home. I hope others will trust and confide in you, since they will certainly benefit from your attention and direction."
Michael CholodenkoAttorney At Law

"Suzanne, thanks for the work you did on my breakfast room, I mean my relationship area. Now I eat, have my coffee, read the paper and chat on the phone, in there. It's almost like living in a different place. Since you did your work, I feel like I am attracting more, and better, business relationships. One group of people that I have started working with could turn into a long-term partnership. Coincidence? Who knows??"
Robert Friedman
Fearless Branding

"Little did I know what an amazing effect proper arrangement of one's external environment could have on one's internal environment and experience! My office space now feels open and flowing. My patients' are continuously commenting to me on how great the office looks and feels."
Charles Greenwood
Yerman Chiropractic Group

"It was with pleasure that I had the opportunity to work with Suzanne on the remodel and expansion of our offices. Her insightful and professional manner, in which she presented ideas and followed through with results, made for a highly enjoyable and relatively stress-free experience. She was able to take our ideas and expand on them and find exactly what we were looking for, while working under a very fast deadline and with a tight budget."
Sharon Hays
Vice President
General Publishing Group

"It is a pleasure being in my office. I feel so much more productive and creative.  Clients and friends step in for the first time and they all get the same good vibes. Immediately after Suzanne finished her work, I felt like I owned the space. Should I ever move, I will have her do her magic, again."
Christian Martinen
CPM Creative

"It's less than 24 hours since I worked with Suzanne and I already feel more relaxed, focused and productive in my office. Her knowledge, sensitivity, and positive energy is empowering! She is an angel with lots of creative ideas and intuitive powers. Her observations about people and circumstances are right on the mark."
Wendy Pratt
Pratt Public Relations

"What an amazing difference Suzanne's work has made in my office. My clients noticed immediately. We are getting more calls for people to come in and closing more on those that do come in. Clients that slipped through the cracks or stopped coming in...have reappeared. Every one is doing better. I know every time business slows down all I have to do is call Suzanne. She'll come in, do her magic, and my business will increase."
Suzy Prudden
Positive Changes Hypnosis

"Suzanne Bank brought her astonishing talent to my rescue and I can't thank her enough. She brought elements to my project that made the ordinary, extraordinary. Her discernment and discriminating taste was what was needed to make my development a viable property that anyone would be proud to own.  Because of her design talent and Feng Shui ability, my property has become more desirable and valuable."
Bob Ricci
Legend Marketing

"You created a fresh and airy environment for the Millie Hampshire Studios. The atmosphere is so different. My clients thought I had new inventory, and it's not! Bringing my desk out of the dark back corner into the light has changed my attitude. I am more aware, happier and more efficient."
Bill Sessoyeff
Millie Hampshire Studios

"Suzanne transformed our showroom into a show place in spite of a frugal budget. It is a superb job! We are appreciative of her fine work and her capable follow through that was required which allowed for our time to be better spent."
Allen Seymour
VP Sales Questor Juvenile Furniture Company

"I am excited over the changes that have happened to my business since Suzanne Bank has consulted with me. Not only does the office flow 100% better, the best part is the amount of business it has attracted. People are coming in out of the woodwork. Not only existing customers, but new customers as well. My store has never had so much activity.  And I might add, it hasn't let up. The face-lift on the store and the Feng Shui treatment worked miracles. I have another office I want her guidance on, and my home too."
Steve Sztopek
Grey Goose Custom Framing

"Suzanne Bank should be teaching at the Learning Annex."
Steve Weinberg
Sales Manager

"Suzanne Bank was a genius at utilizing what I had available and restructuring the feel of my office. The changes she created were very warm and surprisingly easy. The result of her work brought an economic boom in office production and it was amazing! Our cash flow increased 30 to 40%. We are very pleased to have her working with us, to continue improving our work space."
Gina Glubok

"Within two days after Suzanne Bank's first visit I began getting acceptances from the companies I had previously solicited to use my professional counseling services. By the end of three weeks, in which she had worked some amazing magic, I had been placed on preferred provider lists for three major insurers and was solicited by two other companies. She also helped me create a space to work without the restrictions that were impeding my writing projects. Perhaps the latest success would have happened without the rearrangement. I doubt it. I thank Suzanne for her incredible guidance in making this transformation in my work space."
Susan Lindau

"I enjoyed your imagination and design in the 'Office Suite' at the International Design House. I was particularly impressed with the way you enhanced the natural beauty of your area. The March of Dimes was certainly lucky to have you support them in such a fine manner."
Gordon Pashgian
Pashgian Brothers Oriental Rugs

"Every time we get a visit from Suzanne, we earn more money."
Carl Miller
Executive Director
Russell Stephens, Inc.

"Suzanne applied the principles of Feng Shui to the arrangement of my office. I didn't see how much improvement could be made with the few pieces of furniture I had...and I was wrong.  Her aesthetic sense as an interior designer and her knowledge of Feng Shui combined to make my office into a wonderful space.  It's important that my office be a pleasant place as I spend a great deal of time at work, and I have many clients coming to see me. Now that the space is so inviting my clients are dropping in with increased frequency."
Victoria Spang
Chief Marketing Officer
Sheppard, Mullin LLP