Feng Shui

Los Angeles Designer Suzanne Bank’s Feng Shui consultation is an innovative blend of Feng Shui, healing and interior design.

Used successfully for thousands of years, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement that explains how people are affected by the layout and design of their homes, businesses and environments.

These ancient principles are based on observation, reflection, common sense and intuition. Feng Shui provides simple solutions to improve, organize and simplify existing space.

Known since 1990 for incorporating the principles of Feng Shui in her design work as well as in her daily life, Suzanne Bank brings her expertise and a wealth of information to her clients. Her design abilities and spiritual gifts come together to create a rare blend of positive energy, light and movement.

Suzanne’s work breathes new life and energy into her clients’ homes and offices creating openings for new possibilities. Her clients achieve breakthroughs in the areas of finances, relationships, health and career.  Results differ from client to client as they are based on each individual’s own evolution and what he or she is ready to do and experience. For some it will be subtle shifts and for others it will be major changes.

Feng Shui consultations begin with a clearing that addresses any adverse energy that may be present from previous occupants, activities or events, and/or from objects currently in the space. If there is any adverse energy found it will be removed. Then, working with the client, Suzanne physically makes changes that will and bring balance and harmony back into the environment. The unseen energy or ‘chi’ becomes re-energized, balanced and free flowing opening the way for new possibilities.

It is not necessary to clean your home or office from top to bottom for Feng Shui to work. You can clean as you go. You may need to make a few purchases, though you most likely have everything you need for the process.

Suzanne’s promise is: “If you feel something is not quite right in your life or you lack the energy and enthusiasm to reach for your dreams, my work can help.”